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Carlinkit Android Ai Box 4+64G Wireless Mirror link Android Auto T Box CarPlay Dongle

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Perfect display of all necessary vehicle information

Support wireless carplay and Android auto function


Dual Bluetooth Function
The instrument panel is automatically connected to the original Tesla car screen Bluetooth (Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 chip) after power on, and the mobile phone is connected to the instrument panel Bluetooth using the Carplay&Android AUTO function to enable the original Tesla car speakers to play the instrument panel sound.(However, you can also use the small loudspeaker of the instrument panel to play. The sound quality is very good)

Safe driving

No need to tilt your head to see the speed or worry about speeding.


Theinstallation style is the same as the original car


The air outlet is inserted, installed and fixed, and the installation is not broken or perforated without any damage to the interior of the original vehicle


Multiple functions, free switching

Press the scroll wheel or use the touch screen to adjust the screen and switch functions


IPS Screen

It does not destroy the style of the original car, the 9-inch 1920*720 resolution true color IPS display, does not block the line of sight, does not block the air-conditioning outlet, and perfectly displays all the necessary information for the vehicle.


Automatically switch between night mode and day mode




Six-core processor&Linux system

The six-core processor has a more timely operation response, improves the running speed of the device, and installs a Linux system at the front level, which refuses to be stuck! Refused to boot slowly. Refuse to leak


Intelligent Control

Dual-channel CAN information collection, real-time synchronization of the original car's large screen information, automatic startup when door is opened, and automatic shutdown when the car is locked, without losing battery power


Easy installation

Non-destructive installation, no damage to the original car wire, fully compatible with the old and new models.