(Autokit) Carlinkit Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto USB Dongle for Aftermarket Android Car Screen (Android Head Unit)

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✅ About Carlinkit CCPA

Carlinkit CCPA supports wired & wireless CarPlay and Android Auto, wired mirroring. It can Plug & Play with both iOS and Android phone.
If you use Carplay and Android Auto in Aftermarket Android Head Unit. You can choose this product. It's specially made for Android head unit, which is suitable for model system versions above Android 4.4+.


Before order it, please confirm below message, then you can judge whether CarlinKit CCPA Adapter is suitable for your car.

  • Only works for aftermarket Android system car head unit with 4.4 or above.
  • Must install "Autokit" Apk on your car to work. CCPA has apk built-in the box.

Professional APK download link:

Conditions of Use:

About Wireless Android Auto for Android Phone

  • A compatible Android phone with a valid data plan, 5GHz Wi-Fi support, and the latest version of the Android Auto app.
  • Work with any smart phone with Android 11.0, Google or Samsung phone with Android 10.0, Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ or Note 8 with Android 9.0.

About Wireless CarPlay for iPhone

  • Only surpport for Apple Phone iOS 10 and above.

About Compacibility for Car

  • Only serve for aftermarket android car radio and the android version is 4.4+.
  • Before purchasing, please install the APK on your car radio first to test if it will work or not.

✅ A NEW Upgraded Dongle for Android Car in 2022

We have upgraded the CarPlay USB dongle which serve for aftermarket android car to wireless android auto in 2022, and also improve the use experience of the APK installation.
That means you can use your android phone to connect your android car via wifi auto connection, but we can only do that for iPhone iOS in the past.

✅ Keep Going On Wireless CarPlay

  • You can connect your Apple phone ios 10+ to your aftermarket android car via wifi automatically, the connection speed is fast.
  • Brings you an excellent experience to enjoy streaming music, waze, google map, phone calls, Siri voice assistant etc.
  • Split screen function, turn on two applications at the same time.

✅ New Upgrade on Wireless Android Auto

  • In the past you can only use cable to connect your android phone, but now if your android phone meets the condition to use android auto, the wireless dongle will help you to get the wireless connection same as wireless CarPlay.
  • Support Android Phone with Android 11 and above.

✅ Wired Mirror Screen

  • If you want to watch video on youtube or netflix on your car radio, you can open the APK setting, find mirror mode, connect your cell phone to the dongle.
  • Just in few seconds, a powerful screen mirroring function will be there, which can display all on the mobile phone synchronously.
  • Support iPhone and Android Phone Mirrorlink.
  • In order to driving safely on your trip, it's not recommended to watch video while driving. Just enjoy it in your spare time.

✅ Better Performance in Hardware

The upgraded performance ensure the stability and smoothness of the operation environment, and the travels more smoothly.
The 5.8GHz transfer rate  at 450mbps is faster and more stable, less susceptible to wireless interference, faster transmission and lower latency.

✅ Say Goodbye to Data Cable

You need pair the device to your cell phone for the first time, then no need to repeat the connection procedure any more.
For the second time you get close to your car, your phone will be connected via wifi to the device automatically without sense, even before you get into the car, enjoy the smart car life within one second.

✅ Easy Connection Method

  • Step 1: Plug into USB port of the car
  • Step 2: Turn on WIFI and bluetooth on cell phone
  • Step 3: Pair the dongle with car via bluetooth
  • Step 4: Waiting for seconds to enter CarPlay or android auto


New Carlinkit Ai Box release! It has a thinner appearance and better performance with more memory. 👉Ai Box (Android 11.0 System)

New CarlinKit A2A Wireless Android Auto Adapter release! If your car built-in wired Android Auto and you want to convert your wired Android Auto to wireless, you can choose 👉Carlinkit A2A Dongle

If your car has factory-wired Carplay but you only want to convert your wired Carpay/ Android Auto to wireless and no need the multimedia function, you can choose 👉Carlinkit 3.0/4.0



What is Aftermarket Car Radio with Android Head Unit?

Your car screen system is Android version, because Android system can install any app. including the "autokit app". (Install the autokit app in the car; this is a prerequisite for using this product.)

How to confirm whether the car is supported or not?

1. Please make sure your car is Android 4.2 and above system.
2. Download the AutoKit application, enter settings > environment testing. If all three options are all displayed with “√”.
3. Your car can use the dongle.

Note:Not applicable to Aftermarket Head-Units Pioneer, Alpine, Kenwood!! Choose another product—Carlinkit USB Wireless Adapter Dongle for Wired CarPlay.

Will it work with my phone?

It supports iPhone 5 and above systems, like IOS 10 or more. It supports Android Auto feature phones.
Note:lf your iPhone is iOS 5+ or above, please update AutoKit.apk to the latest version.

How to use the dongle on the Aftermarket Android car stereo?

For the car having android Navigation stereo, you can plug the dongle to your car USB port directly after installing the AutoKit on the car screen, and then connect the iPhone with the dongle and click AutoKit to go to CarPlay interface.

How to use the dongle on the Android Tablet?

For the car not having android Navigation stereo, you can plug the dongle to your Android Tablet after installing the AutoKit on the tablet(You should use a USB Adapter to keep the dongle from charging) , then connect the iPhone with the dongle and click AutoKit to go to CarPlay interface. Note: It's similar to Android auto.

How to install the APK? (There are two ways)

Please click here to download Autokit APK

Method 1: Download the APK on Car Browser.1. Click the browser on the car, enter the URL, and download APK.(Your car must Connect to the Network.)
2. Click the “Download Directory” to find the downloaded APK file, then install it.

Method 2: Download the APK on your computer, copy it to a USB flash drive and install.1. Enter the URL on your computer browser, download the APK, and copy it to a USB flash drive.
2. Insert the U disk into the USB interface of the car, find the U disk directory in the “File Manager”, then install it.

How to connect the Bluetooth?

1. Inserting the CarPlay Dongle to your car.
2. Turn on the Wifi and Bluetooth.
3. Searching the Bluetooth and then enter the pin (0000).

How to upgrade the APK and Dongle?

1.Upgrade APK:Unplug the dongle first, then enter the APK settings, find the "check upgrade" button, and you will see the prompt of the latest version. Then click update and the APK is updated.
2. Upgrade dongle:Plug in the dongle to the car, then enter the APK settings and find "check upgrade", you will see the latest box version, and then click Update.
Upload log function:If there are still some minor problems after upgrading the latest version, please upload the log. It will collect your use problems that occur when using carplay. Our engineers will research the solution and add it to the next upgrade version, so that we have the opportunity to solve this problem.

How to connect your iPhone with CarPlay wirelessly?

1. Plug box to car original USB port.
2. Go to iPhone settings.
3. Click and open Bluetooth.
4. Come back to settings and find General.
5. Open CarPlay and allow Bluetooth pairing request.
6. Select a connection with CarPlay on the car's dashboard.
7. Your car is connected with CarPlay wirelessly and continues to pair automatically every time you enter your vehicle.