How to use CP2Video CarPlay box?

How to use CP2Video CarPlay box?

Connect to WiFi and Use YouTube

1. Plug the USB cable Type-C male into the CP2Video box, the other head into the car USB port. Connect CP2Video to the car, and the Android interface will appear next.

2. Click "Settings" > "WiFi" > "On"

3. Turn on the phone hotspot.

4. Connect to the phone hotspot.

5. Click "YouTube" icon on the home interface to watch videos.

6. Click the circle or return icon on the touch screen to return to the home interface. Non touch screens can be operated using knobs (It's recommended to purchase a remote control).

Screen Mirroring

1. Click "Settings" > "Engineering mode"

2. Enter the password: 1106, then click the arrow icon to confirm.

3. Click "Open" to enable More apps.

4. Click the circle icon on the touch screen to return to the home interface and then click "More apps" > "Mirror"

5. Connect to the phone hotspot.

6. Click the screen mirroring icon on your phone and select Connect to "Carsmart"

Wireless CarPlay Connection

1. Click on the CarPlay icon on the home interface, enter CarPlay connection guide.

2. Turn on your phone's Bluetooth, select "CarSmart mini-xxxx", and agree to pair.

3. Click the car icon to return to the Android home interface.

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